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CERTI-FIRE Fire Alarm Electricians


CERTI-FIRE Fire Alarm Electricians

The ECAO Fire Alarm & Protection Certification Program meets the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code O. Reg. 213/07. This program is deemed acceptable to the Fire Marshal and satisfies the requirement of Clause C. A certificate of achievement is issued to each electrician for the successful completion of the successive levels. A wallet sized photo ID is issued to every electrician upon successful completion of Level IV. As a requirement of the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office, every electrician certified under the ECAO Fire Alarm & Protection Program must renew their certification every five years.

Please contact your Local Union or College to register for an in-class course. The renewal course is also available on-line. Click here to register.

To verify the status of any ECAO CERTI-FIRE Fire Alarm Electrician, enter as much of the last name as known in the Search box below. Additionally, you may also search by Certification number. A list of matching Electricians with their Expiry date will be displayed. You may also select a letter below to find all CERTI-FIRE Fire Alarm Electricians whose last name starts with the selected letter or simply press Search to review the entire list.

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